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n an hour, the Champion UH230B high-temp undercounter dishwasher can wash 40 standard racks of dishes, and unlike low-temperature dishwashers, this unit uses hot water for sanitization. A built-in booster heater raises the temperature 70 degrees to reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and to reduce the risk of glassware and dinnerware breaking or chipping, the warewasher has a soft start. Accommodating tall platters and pans, the door opening is 1534 inches tall. Two racks are included with the unit to hold wares—a standard peg rack for dishes and cups and an open rack for flatware and other utensils.

The control panel on this Champion UH230B rack undercounter dishwasher is mounted above the door for convenient access. It has a prime switch for the pump lines, and an LED digital thermometer enables users to monitor the wash cycle. If the door is opened during a wash cycle, the dishmachine automatically shuts off, and because the unit is double walled, it minimizes sound while it's running.

Product Details

  • Can wash 40 racks per hour
  • 90-sec. cycles
  • High-temperature rinse ensures wares are sanitized without using chemicals
  • Built-in 6-kW booster heater raises the water temperature 70 degrees F to reach a final-rinse temperature of 180 degrees F
  • StemSure™ soft start protects dishes and glasses from chipping and breaking
  • Top-mounted controls have a prime switch for the detergent and rinse aid lines
  • Digital LED thermometer for monitoring
  • Automatic tank fill
  • Low-water tank heat protection
  • Detergent and rinse aid pumps
  • Pumped drain with automatic draining cycle
  • (1) 20-in. x 20-in. peg rack for dishes and drinkware
  • (1) 20-in. x 20-in. flat rack for flatware
  • 1534-in.-high door opening
  • Door safety switch stops a wash cycle if the door is opened
  • Double-wall construction minimizes noise production during cycles
  • Durable stainless steel top and side panels can be wiped clean
  • 1-HP wash pump motor
  • Water pressure regulating valve
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