Everything for your commercial kitchen at Prepzone

Everything for your commercial kitchen at Prepzone

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Coal Fire Pizza
I recently bought 2 deep fryers and a prep table, I will say dealing with prepzone came with exceptional service from viewing their showroom over in Lakewood to receiving the delivery!!! Quick and easy. Thank you to the guys at Prepzone.
Burger Guys
Prepzone led me in the right direction Thanks to their knowledgeable crew. I went to the showroom over in Lakewood looking for a new flat top grill, upon arrival my needs were evaluated and I was brought upon some new information. We agreed a char-broil grill was a good fit , also great saving. I was able to find a refurbished grill at a good price. I was very impressed with their efficient delivery. And I absolutely love the grill. Does a beautiful medium rare burger!
Ale house
Beautiful selection of refurbished equipment was very impressive , showing me around the showroom and a overlook of their website Prepzone had everything I needed and more. I stayed within my budget and all of the equipment is running beautifully. Gotta love it when you're saving money!!! Thanks a lot Prepzone