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6 [21⁄2" deep] pan capacity, vacuum pump, and reinforced cooking chamber

capable of making steam and cooking at temperatures between 150–212°F (66–100°C)
capable of holding foods at temperatures between 100–200°F (38–93°C)
Steam to be produced inside the cooking compartment with NO water or drain connection required
Door to have easy-open, heavy duty refrigerator type handle
Steamer to include low-water warning and auto shutdown system
NSF and U.L. listed
Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Construction Features:
14 gauge reinforced stainless steel steamer cavity
Insulated cavity and double panel door
Heavy refrigeration-style door handle with magnetic latch and quick vacuum release system
Front-mounted manual water reservoir drain valve
Left side-mounted control panel with smudge-resistant overlay
Removable stainless steel “L” brackets provided and positioned to support 21⁄2, 4, or 6" deep steamer pans

Performance Features:
Vacuum pump capable of pulling 23 inches of mercury vacuum in the cooking compartment.
Choice of Power Input to match cooking requirements
Accurate thermostat control of steam temperature between 150–212°F (66–100°C).
Food holding capability with accurate temperature control between 100–200°F (38–93°C).
Low-watt density heating element external
Full three-gallon capacity water reservoir provides hours of steaming capability without refilling

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