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The Market Forge 40P-STGL tilting skillet has a 40-gallon capacity and can be used to braise, grill, roast, boil, steam, and more. It tilts to empty cooked contents with a hand crank, and because it is manual, there is no risk of a power system breaking down. Ensuring the tilt motion is smooth and precise without sloshing, the tilt mechanism has a precision-ground worm. When the pan is tilted past horizontal, the burners automatically shut off.

Temperature in the unit is adjustable between 100 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and operators can track the cooking process by setting the 1-hour timer. Stainless steel atmospheric burners heat the pan, while the aluminum core evenly distributes heat without cold spots. A fully polished stainless steel cooking surface prevents food from sticking while providing durability that resists warping at high temperatures. Five-gallon increment marks in the cooking area enable accurate portions and coved corners to simplify cleaning the Market Forge 40P-STGL tilting skillet.

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