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Gas heated device for automatic cooking of meat, poultry, fish,side dishes, vegetables, egg dishes, desserts, bakery products and for automatic rethermalization
Mixed loads with individual supervision of each rack, depending on type,load amount, and the number of door openings
LED cooking cabinet and rack lighting – energy-saving, durable and low-maintenance
Rear-ventilated triple-pane cooking cabinet door, two hinged inside panes(for easy cleaning) with a special heat-reflecting coating
Combi-steamer according to DIN 18866, DIN 10535 for selective use ofsteam and hot air, separately, sequentially, or combined
Integrated Ethernet and USB port
No water softening system or additional descaling is necessary
No-charge 4-hour RATIONAL certified chef assistance program
Core temperature probe with 6 measuring points, including positioning aid- automatic error correction in case of incorrect positioning
1% – accurate regulation of moisture, adjustable, and retrievable via thecontrol panel
Combi-steamer mode °F/(°C): steam: 85 to 265/(30 to 130), hot air: 85 to575/(30 to 300), combination: 85 to 575/(30 to 300)
Individual programming of at least 1,200 cooking programs with up to 12steps transferable via USB
Hand shower with automatic retracting system
Moisturising in 3 steps of °F/(°C) 85 to 500/(30 to 260)
High-performance fresh steam generator, pressureless, with automaticfilling and automatic decalcification
Dynamic air circulation in cooking cabinet with reversing wheel fan with 5fan speeds, programmable
Integral, maintenance-free grease extraction system
Single water connection as shipped, can be split connection for treatedand untreated water
Turbo fan cool down function
Automatic adaptation to the installation location (elevation)
Height adjustable feet +- 3/8″ (10 mm)
304 (DIN 1.4301) stainless steel material inside and out
Seamless interior and with rounded corners
Demand-related energy supply
5 programmable proofing stages
Automatic, pre-selected starting time with adjustable date/time
Delta-T cooking
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