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Meant to hold sandwiches, pasta, and sushi at an ideal temperature between 36- and 38-degrees Fahrenheit, the full-service deli case is powered with an R-134A refrigeration system and utilizes an isolated condensate evaporator to reduce liquid build-up on the inside. Because poor humidity can ruin food, it comes with an oversized coil and low-velocity fan to keep products safe and consumable. This is held within a corrosion-resilient, rear-accessible compartment to reduce the risk of mechanical failure from rust and allow easy access for service. To ensure operators keep the cooler at the ideal temperature range, it comes with a built-in thermometer and easy-to-adjust temperature controls.

Made of steel coated in a durable laminate, the TRUE TSID-36-2 refrigerated deli case is designed to resist denting and scratching because of its sturdy construction. Its thermopane glass panels lock in cold air, while its LED interior lighting system keeps products in view and encourages impulse purchases. Constructed with utility in mind, its three levels are separated with an adjustable shelf, and it utilizes a rear accessible door for operators to quickly reach in and remove products. The edges of its body use a neutral black trim, and it rests on a series of legs designed for stabilization on uneven surfaces.

The standard warranty covers the compressor and parts and labor on the package components for 90 days.
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