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Looking for a safe and convenient way to organize your knives in the kitchen? Look no further than the Winco PMB-18 Knife Bar!

Featuring a durable plastic base and an 18-inch magnetic strip, this knife bar allows you to easily store and access your knives without taking up valuable counter space. The magnets are strong enough to securely hold even your heaviest and most valuable cutlery, ensuring that your knives always stay in place and within reach.

Sleek and modern in design, the Winco PMB-18 Knife Bar is the perfect addition to any kitchen – whether you're a professional chef or a home cook. It's easy to install and maintain, making it a great investment for any busy kitchen.

So why wait? Order your Winco PMB-18 Knife Bar today and start enjoying a safer, more organized kitchen!

1- year manufacturer warranty

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