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Zunatur is a Portuguese brand that produces an orange juice machine using the latest technology. There isn’t a better orange juicer than the Zunatur orange juicer, its design is built to last and effortless to use while giving you the absolute most juice possible out of your oranges.

The stainless steel metal body makes it stylish to look at but also resistant to the citric acid meaning it never wears out and never starts to corrode compared to plastic which can start to perish with excessive use.

Motor: three-phase 0,25 CV
Consumption: 140W
Voltage: 220 V – 240 V / 50 Hz
Production: 36 fruits per minute
Diameter of the fruit: 65 – 80 mm
Weight: 80 kg
Feeder capacity: 10 kg

Easy to use, without specific maintenance required 


650mm x 420mm x 320mm

New open box
The standard warranty is 5 years. This warranty does not cover any defects due to product misuse (such as the use of the machine for purposes other than food preparation), alteration to the product, or negligence.
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